Walter MillerThis week got off to a good start. I had joined the gym at work, and on Monday I spent a good 30 minutes on the treadmill and elliptical. It felt good and I enjoyed it. I was looking forward to coming back the rest of the week.

Then everything went to hell. I started feeling a little out of sorts on Tuesday night after my Weight Watchers meeting, and on Wednesday I woke up to an elephant sitting on my chest and about 70 pounds of mucous congealing in my sinuses. I called out from work and missed Wednesday’s visit to the gym, opting to rest up and drink plenty of fluids.

Yesterday I felt the same and called out from work again. Usually these things hit me hard the first few days, then are manageable until they finally fade away. That’s why I decided to ride it out over the weekend and rest up for Monday. By then I’ll be able to breathe a little better and won’t feel like I’m stuck in quicksand.

In the mean time, it’s rest, fluids, and the internet to keep me company.