ScaleEach week I share my latest weigh-in as recorded by Weight Watchers. I’m using my weight from my return to Weight Watchers in 2014 as my starting weight; my original starting weight from 2006 is 292 pounds. My highest recorded weight is 325 pounds, in May of 1999.

I missed reporting on last week’s weigh-in, so I’ll start there.

Week 3, 4/1/14
Starting Weight: 254.6 lbs (292.0 lbs)
Weigh-in: 246.6 lbs
Weekly Change: -2.0 lbs
Total Change: -8.0 lbs (-45.4 lbs)

It was a solid week with no major challenges, so I was pleased with the result.

Week 4, 4/8/14
Starting Weight: 256.6 lbs (292.0 lbs)
Weigh-in: 244.0 lbs
Weekly Change: -2.6 lbs
Total Change: -10.6 lbs (-48.0 lbs)

I’m pretty happy with this week’s results as well, especially now that I’m showing a double digit loss.

Things I did right: Started my gym membership, got in a few days of 10K+ steps, packed good lunches all week, planned ahead for a night out.

Things I didn’t do: I didn’t track any of my meals. I should do this so I don’t start half-assing things.