ScaleEach week I share my latest weigh-in as recorded by Weight Watchers. I’m using my weight from my return to Weight Watchers in 2014 as my starting weight; my original starting weight from 2006 is 292 pounds. My highest recorded weight is 325 pounds, in May of 1999.

Week 5, 4/15/14
Starting Weight: 256.6 lbs (292.0 lbs)
Last Week: 244.0 lbs
This Week: 241.4 lbs
Weekly Change: -2.6 lbs
Total Change: -13.2 lbs (-50.6 lbs)

I did well in spite of a nasty head cold that started out bad and has been hanging around with no signs of leaving. This week is sort of a milestone, as it marks 50 pounds lost from my original WW starting weight of 292 pounds. I first crossed that threshold on August 22, 2006, over seven and a half years ago!

Things I did right: I actually got back to the gym this week after missing a couple days thanks to my cold. I’m still working on getting more than two days in a row of 10,000+ steps. Watched what I ate in spite of being sick.

Things I didn’t do: Missed two days at the gym because I was sick. Still concerned about my breathing now that I’m developing a hacking cough.