ScaleEach week I share my latest weigh-in as recorded by Weight Watchers. I’m using my weight from my return to Weight Watchers in 2014 as my starting weight; my original starting weight from 2006 is 292 pounds. My highest recorded weight is 325 pounds, in May of 1999.

Week 6, 4/22/14
Starting Weight: 256.6 lbs (292.0 lbs)
Last Week: 241.4 lbs
This Week: 240.4 lbs
Weekly Change: -1.0 lbs
Total Change: -14.2 lbs (-51.6 lbs)

I’ve been sick with a lingering cold that’s left me miserable for two weeks now, and the hacking cough that goes with it is keeping me from doing much of anything that requires regular breathing. So I’ve left both the blog and Twitter, not to mention the gym, alone for a while to rest and give this thing a chance to go away. I’m almost there, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Things I did right: My family enjoyed a nice Easter dinner at my mother-in-law’s on Sunday. I didn’t go crazy with portions, and was able to enjoy a few treats without piling on.

Things I didn’t do: I lost my pedometer during the week, and it seems to have affected my motivation for getting up and walking more. The feedback of seeing those 10,000+ steps registering on that little device pushed me to keep going.I was able to handling walking, even with the hacking cough.