ScaleEach week I share my latest weigh-in as recorded by Weight Watchers. I’m using my weight from my return to Weight Watchers in 2014 as my starting weight; my original starting weight from 2006 is 292 pounds. My highest recorded weight is 325 pounds, in May of 1999.

Week 7, 4/29/14
Starting Weight: 256.6 lbs (292.0 lbs)
Last Week: 240.4 lbs
This Week: 237.6 lbs
Weekly Change: -2.8 lbs
Total Change: -17.0 lbs (-54.4 lbs)

It appears that I’ve finally been able to rid myself of that pesky cold, with just a touch of a dry cough left to get rid of. On Monday I was back at the gym, taking it easy on the treadmill. I’ll be ramping up my workouts in the weeks ahead and looking for a reasonable free-weight workout for a middle-aged beginner.

Things I did right: For the most part I just kept doing what I’ve been doing and trying my best to get rid of the last of my cold. We were at a family function over the weekend and I was about 80% pleased with the food choices I made. I also made it back to the gym and did a bit of cardio.

Things I didn’t do: There’s still that 20% of food choices that I made at the family function that I wasn’t happy with. The homemade potato salad was definitely worth a second helping, but the bite-sized mini eclairs that kept finding their way into my mouth were not. I need to work on that. I would also like to make writing here a higher priority.