ScaleEach week I share my latest weigh-in as recorded by Weight Watchers. I’m using my weight from my return to Weight Watchers in 2014 as my starting weight; my original starting weight from 2006 is 292 pounds. My highest recorded weight is 325 pounds, in May of 1999.

Week 8, 5/6/14
Starting Weight: 256.6 lbs (292.0 lbs)
Last Week: 237.6 lbs
This Week: 236.6 lbs
Weekly Change: -1.0 lbs
Total Change: -18.0 lbs (-55.4 lbs)

Last week started off with multiple eating out challenges. I did well, but had to play catch-up the rest of the week. Other than that, the week was rather uneventful.

Starting in June, my company is sponsoring a fitness challenge for all its employees. The object is to log the number of steps you take every day, and at the end of the six week program, you’re rewarded with gift cards based on your daily average step count. I’m challenging myself to average over 13,000 steps per day. The $100 Amazon gift card has absolutely nothing to do with it.

Things I did right: I made it to all 3 of my planned gym days last week and started off on the right foot this week. I finally went grocery shopping again for food to make for my brown bag breakfasts and lunches. And, as I mentioned above, I signed up for the fitness challenge at work.

Things I didn’t do: With all the new demands on my time caused by trying to get back to a healthier lifestyle (going to the gym, Weight Watchers meetings, etc.), I’ve been getting lax in keeping up with things that are my responsibility around the house. I need to work on keeping a balance and not ignoring things I still need to get done.