Gotta Keep It Off!

Version 2.0: There And Back Again


I was there. Now I need to go back.

In April of 2006 I began a weight loss journey that seemed too good to be true. I lost 130 pounds, I felt great, and I looked great. In June the following year I started a blog called “Gotta Keep It Off!” and talked about what I accomplished and how I planned to keep those pounds off forever.

As it always does, life decided to throw a few major curve balls my way and for a long time I let those distractions interfere with maintaining my new weight. Inertia took care of the rest and now here I am, almost back to where I started back in 2006.

I started the original blog to keep me motivated to maintain my weight loss. The purpose of “Gotta Keep It Off!” version 2.0 is to help me find my way back. You’re invited to come along for the ride.


  1. Hi Lonnie. I’m so glad you’re back. Congrats to you. That takes a lot of courage and determination. Keep up the good work.

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