Every time I’ve lost a significant amount of weight in my life, there has been a catalyst to set things in motion. In 1984, I lost 40 pounds getting ready for my wedding. In 2006, I was on diabetes medications and I realized I weighed twice as much as my then teen-aged son. This time around? Look for yourself:


She’s going to be needing her Pop Pop to teach her a whole lot of things that only a Pop Pop can teach his granddaughter.

The game plan this time around is the same as when I had my best success – I went to my first Weight Watchers meeting in at least five years last night. There’s a lot of new jargon to learn and the details have been rearranged, but the more things change, the more they remain the same. The main point is that I can feel the pieces clicking into familiar places, hopefully making this journey no harder than it has to be.

A quick redesign note: I posted a reference page¬†for the original blog under the About page above. When it’s finished it will be list of my favorite posts; I’ve listed a few to get the ball rolling.