"Sheep nibbles washing" Tyne & Wear Archives & MuseumsI’ve been looking forward to my first gym visit at work tomorrow, but instead of sweating with a bunch of strangers I’ll be with people I know. That should make it very interesting. I’ve also decided I need to find some beginner routines for the free weights. This 54 year old body is going to need to tread carefully down that road, though. I’ll definitely be talking to my doctor about what’s safe for me to handle.

  • I don’t normally worry about clothes, but I now have something to wear for my first day at the gym tomorrow.
  • My wife and I are dining out tomorrow night at Carraba’s Italian Grill with a few other people. I already know what I’m going to order.
  • I haven’t touched the vending machine at work in almost three weeks!
  • I can’t wait for the fresh blueberries to get here!
  • Lunch for the week: A nice pork loin with sauerkraut from the slow cooker.

Have a great week and keep working toward your goals!