The ThinkerIn June of 2007, I published a post on Gotta Keep It Off! v. 1.0 that I called “The $64,000 Question.” In it I answered the question, “How exactly did I manage to lose almost 130 pounds?”

I started by giving the simple answer, “I ate less and exercised more.” But then I started digging a little deeper and got to what I thought at the time was the true answer to the question. Namely, motivation.

Somewhere between then and now, I lost my motivation. I lost the spark that kept me answering the question, “How much do you want it?” with “Bad enough to do whatever it takes.” At some point I decided I wanted that second helping at dinner, or that cheese steak, or that third beer, or that over-sized restaurant dessert, or any other number of things, more than I wanted to keep off the weight that I lost. More than I enjoyed walking or exercising. More than I enjoyed looking sharp in nice clothes. More than all the reasons I had to stay healthy.

Now here I am almost seven years later and wanting to get back to where I was, and  I’m asking myself, “How much do I want it?”

I want it bad enough to do whatever it takes.