It has come to my attention that we have a gym where I work. It’s small and cramped, but it’s there and it’s cheap. I stopped by to check it out earlier this week, and today I signed up. Then I realized that I will have to run out and pick up some gym clothes this weekend; I don’t think jeans will cut it on the elliptical. The plan is to be ready to tackle my first workout on Monday afternoon after my shift is over.

My goal is simple for now. I just want to get moving again. To start, I’ll probably alternate between the treadmill and the elliptical and start to ramp up my activity slowly. Once I get it in gear, I’ll talk to the trainer (and my doctor) and see how I can improve what I’m doing.

Now it’s just a matter of showing up on Monday and getting that first workout in!

I also started to wear a pedometer this week. I managed to increase my total step count each day and yesterday was the first time I managed to log over 10,000 steps. Now I need to string a few days like that together!