"Sheep nibbles washing" Tyne & Wear Archives & MuseumsI caught a nasty head cold this week that kept me out of work for a couple days and now seems to be traveling down into my chest. It also interrupted my first week at the gym, which was disappointing. The last time I was in the neighborhood of my goal weight, I rarely, if ever, got sick. I’m looking forward to that particular fringe benefit once I return to the old neighborhood!

  • Once I got back to work on Friday, I managed another 10,000+ step day.
  • I let myself sleep in over the weekend to help fight the cold.
  • I’m starting to get tired of apples and bananas – time to switch up the fruit.
  • My ability to breathe will determine my gym schedule this week.
  • Lunch for the week: Grilled chicken with a selection of green veggies.

Have a great week and keep working toward your goals!